Wayne Patel - 23/10/2015

21 fish in total upto 42lb caught on Cell and Hybrid Manline .

" Great hopsitality wonderful hosts and Lovely people will defo be back next year ".


Paul Dean - 19/09/2015

22 fish in total including 8 - 30's 1 - 40lb  caught on Cell and pop ups pellet and particle.

" Les burons is a great place to catch stunning quality fish, Rob and Lin were fantastic and looked after us ".


Keith Smart -  26/09/2015

39 fish in total including 10 - 30+ lb a 38 Mirror and a 36 Common were caught using boilies, particle and cell fish meal.

" As always Rob and Lin go that extra mile to make you feel welcome and help where ever they can. Top Venue, top people ".


Paul Hardwick - 11/09/2015

59 fish in total including 14 - 30+ lb and a 40lb caught using cell pop ups and pellet.

" Rob and lin provide the best weeks carp fishing in France we have found. Relaxed, chilled and helpful. Can't wait for next year "!


Mike Goode - 5/09/2015

41 fish in total including 10 - 30+ lb, 40lb Common and a 41lb Common.

Cell bottom bait and Robs particle mix.

" Good venue, Rob and Lin great. Can't do enough for you, fantastic fishing, thanks for everything ".


The Wolves Boys - 29/08/2015

68 fish in total including 33 - 20+ lb  17 - 30+ lb caught on Chod rig, cell with corn, homemade tuna and krill. killed it.

" Ok, fished here for 10 years and there is nothing else to say about Les Burons. Rob and Lin are Les Burons we have fished all over France, but by far this place is the best carp experience you will ever have, God help the day they sell up, this place will never be the same without them. Love you guys and see you in March ".


Barry Giles - 25/07/2015

11 fish in total including 6 - 30+ lb and 2 - 42lb's a Common and Mirror.

Cell, stawberry boilies and particle bait.

" 100% happy, 3 days bad weather, 4 days of lovely weather, the cooking was spot on, already booked for 2 weeks ".


Matt Stevenson - 18/07/2015

35 fish in total including 8 - 30+ lb, 13 - 20lb and 14 doubles caught on Cell boilies over a bed of pellets and maize.

" Fantastic week, great lake and stunning fish. Rob and Lin are brilliant hosts could'nt do enough to help. Food was spot on - We will be back "!


Kev & Tony - 11/07/2015

30 odd fish in total including 2 - 40 lbs and 2 grass carp at 36lb caught on boillies and maize with pellet.

" Rob and LIn made the holiday as always, nothing is to much trouble, the fishing was a bonus - See you next year ".


Bob Gardender - 4/07/2015

27 fish including 6 - 30+ lb caught on Hybrib boilies over pellet.

" Another great week. Fishing slow at times with changeable weather. Lins meals were superb and Robs sense of humour as good as ever. See you both next year ".


Bryan Andy Sam & Ben - 6/06/2015

28 fish including 9 - 30+ lb mostly caught on Cell.

" Now you have power in sheds its a lot better. Lovely time, Great hosts as usual ".


George & Andy - 30/05/2015

8 carp caught on Cell / Krill over pellet.

" Unfortunately we picked a bad week fishing wise. The carp weren’t feeding. Had 4 days without catching & 8 rods out at night without getting a touch. Lyn & Rob are the best possible hosts anywhere in France pity the carp don’t follow suit. Better luck next year ".


John Mutton - 23/05/2015

10 carp landed on maize boilies and pellet. Only fished daytime.

" we enjoyed the week, had a good laugh even though the fishing was a bit tough. The carp were a bit cagey, giving finicky indications ".


Adam, Luke, Paul, Terry - 16/05/2015

27 fish in total including 1 - 40lb and 12 30+ lb caught on Pineapple and Cell boilies over pellet.

" A lovely weeks fishing some great fish caught. Rob & Lin on form again. Excellent food as usual Thanks for a great time again "!


Richard & Trevor - 9/052015

32 fish in total including 13 - 30+ lb and 16 20+ lb caught on Cell and pellets.

" The fishing & facilities at this Venue get better every year. And we always have a laugh and joke with Rob & Lin ".


Lee, Kev, Joe & Spencer - 2/052015

51 fish caught including 1 - 40lb, 15 - 30+ lb and 25 - 20+ lb

" The bait we used was recommended to us by rob. Excellent fishery be back next year ".


Kev Wright, Kev Stables, Michael Stables, Shawn Bolton - 17/04/2015

14 - 30+ lb Commons & Mirrors, quite a few 20lb+ lb carp as well

" Thanks a lot for everything fishing is great. 4 regulars every year "!


The Wolves boys - 16/03/2015

24 fish caught including 8 - -30+ lb

" we used pop up boilies fished over a small amount of spod mix and pellets. Perfect hosts as always and fish just keep getting better. We love you both xx ".


Paul & Tom Hardwick - 7/03/2015

22 fish in total including 14 - 30+ lb caught with boilies and pellet

" Electric in bivvey’s is a good addition.What a great break couldn’t ask for more ".