The Rules

               Fishing Rules:

    • Reel line to be a minimum of 15lb

    • No braided mainlines,leadcore or any kind of shock/snag leader

    • No fixed leads

    • Barbless hooks or microbarb only, no bent hooks.

    • No rods to be left unattended (sods law it’ll rip off when your away!)

    • No fish to be sacked under any circumstances.

    • Fish to be returned as quickly as possible, whilst on mat keep the fish wet (bucket in every swim), Always hold fish over mat, DO NOT STAND UP WITH FISH!!

    • Antiseptic e.g. (Klin-ic Tamodine)  or Bonjela are compulsory

    • The boat is only to be used to free snagged fish.

    • No nuts, seeds or pulses to be used other than hemp and sweetcorn

    • No shelf life boiled baits

    • 3 rods per angler

    • Any Goo products are not to be used on the lake anyone caught using them will be asked to leave.

    • Landing nets and unhooking mats are provided and free of charge but a deposit of £50 is required to ensure that the items will not get damaged